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About Flowz Coin

Flowz coin is brief for decentralized money, DeFi is an umbrella time-frame for heaps of bundles and errands within side the public blockchain region outfitted nearer to disturbing the ordinary money world. Building a steady depository altogether as an organization.

FLWZ token is the token of the platform. We want to build a complete eco system revolve around our tokens: NFT market, NFT, Defi, Farming, game. Flowz coin will become popular and widely spread.
Flowz Coin generates yield by applying a tax of 6% on every transaction splitting that instantly among token holders and the liquidity pool, burn.

Token: Flowz Coin
Symbol: FLWZ
Blockchain: Bep-20
Total Supply: 100.000

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Smart contract: 0x4B6A384D3A67954f29576c99f4972e79c86f3013





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Flowz Coin

Flowz Coin token is built and developed through our ecosystem: Exchange swap, NFT market, game, NFT, Defi, Farming.